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Weekly Resets. An unachievable Instagram aesthetic? Or a beneficial strategy for ADHD?

A watercolor graphic of a person holding cleaning supplies

Weekly Resets as a Social Media Trend

Making Cleaning and Organizing Feel Elite

Influencer culture is a doozy. Am I right? Especially for those of us with ADHD and ASD. When it already feels like we are never doing enough.

Every other TikTok video and Insta post is an aesthetically pleasing, perfectly staged layout of our favorite creator's "weekly reset."

Clean home aesthetic Instagram feed

Veggies come out from their junky-looking plastic containers and into perfectly matched eco-friendly fridge containers. Not a baby carrot out of place.

Dental picks get dropped into their strategically placed mason jar on a pristine bathroom counter. Perfectly matching their minimalist farmhouse surroundings.

The epidemy of organization and discipline. Right out of a HomeGoods magazine.

And altogether unreasonable and unachievable for the average person.


If that's what your weekly resets look like, I'd agree. That is not only unachievable for me; it doesn't actually solve any of my problems as an AuDHD mom.

But learning how to do a weekly reset not only saved my home, it saved my mental health.

AuDHD and Housekeeping

As a neurodivergent mom, I struggled to maintain a functional home.

Note the term functional. I was not looking for perfect or even clean. I was looking for functional. A home that didn't make me feel like I was drowning.

This got worse when I became a stay-at-home mom. I was constantly surrounded by chaos. There was no break.

A watercolor graphic of an overflowing sink and messy kitchen

I started off trying to do too much all of the time. I would spend all day every day cleaning in circles, never feeling like I actually accomplished anything.

Dirty dishes were overflowing from the sink and taking over our counters.

Junk piled up in the hallway and on any flat surface, it could find.

The floors looked like they had never seen a broom.

It was a shitshow, and I just couldn't figure out how other people do it.

It got to a point where I felt like I couldn't enjoy life because of it. My anxiety would go through the roof every time we had plans because I felt like I couldn't leave the house destroyed like that.

From Shitshow to Functional

A reality check on expecting the unachievable.

One of the common struggles for ADHD moms is an inability to prioritize.

When doing the dishes has the same priority as dusting on top of the fridge, it is hard to keep a home functional.

Everything felt equally important. It was no wonder I struggled.

*Check out my post on how to prioritize here.

And then in walks the weekly reset.

I first found the idea of the weekly reset from the fly lady cleaning method. For obvious reasons, my values and ethics didn't really jive with hers. And what she deemed important enough to be on her cleaning schedule wasn't necessarily important to me. It was a good starting point but not a long-term solution. So I took what I learned from her method and went my own way.

What I learned from her is it is ok to let some things go. It is ok to not deep clean every nook and cranny before getting back to the day-to-day things that have to be done. You can get that nook or that cranny the next time you clean this space.

That mindset takes a lot of the pressure off.

Couple that with learning about the Eisenhower Matrix (also known as the priority matrix) here. And I was ready to be one of those adultier-adults with a relatively maintained home.

How Did I Create a Realistic Weekly Reset?

I started off by really identifying what needed to be done to keep the house running smoothly. And I wrote it all down.

For me, this was deep cleaning the bathrooms, sanitizing the kitchen, good pickups of the entire house (including bedrooms), plus mopping and sweeping. Everything past that was extra. If we get around to dusting, great. But I won't sweat it (that means it doesn't ever go on my to-do list). I realized it just doesn't matter to me. And cobwebs in the corner didn't impact the functionality of my home.

The next thing I did was take these tasks and delegate who does what. My kids are at an age where they can be responsible for their own space (with good instruction). I have everything pre-written down for them, with breakdowns of each task, so there is no confusion.

A watercolor graphic of a family wiping down a table together

*You can find a digital download of these lists and a list of age-appropriate chores here. I know it says buy now, but it is free!

So every Sunday, with a few exceptions, we wake up, have a super yummy breakfast, and we hit the ground running.

At first, this was miserable. It took literally all day. And everyone cried at least once. But as we got on top of the chaos and learned how to maintain a little better, things got easier. Now I'd say, with everyone pulling their weight, we complete the whole reset in less than 3 hours.

Then the rest of the day is ours to do whatever we want.

I personally lean towards bubble baths and good books. But to each their own.

We have a few maintenance tasks that need to be done around the house daily to keep everything moving (dishes, laundry, etc.). But past that, I don't stress about it.

If the bookshelf accumulates random stuff, that's cool - I'll get to it Sunday.


If my bedroom starts to be the black hole of the house (where all things go to die), that's ok. I'll get to it Sunday.

I don't interrupt my life because of a mess. All because I know, come Sunday, I'll get to it.

Plus, due to the weekly reset, our house is at a point where if someone were to show up unexpectedly, I wouldn't stress it. Our house is lived in but not a disaster. I'm not embarrassed anymore.

How Do You Apply This To Your Life?

If you struggle with maintaining a functional home - give a weekly reset a try. And not a fancy, aesthetic, post pictures of it, weekly reset. A normal AuDHD mom weekly reset.

A weekly reset of someone who just wants their life back.

Grab my weekly reset digital download here.

And grab a free session here. Let's chat about how to apply this strategy to your life. What works for me isn't going to fit your needs perfectly. So let's cater it to you!

How do you manage your home? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Books I love:

Free digitial downloads to help you get started:

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