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4 Websites You Should Know About If You Have adult ADHD

4 websites you should know about if you have adult ADHD. This list includes Chadd, ADDA, and more

These websites offer a wealth of information and support for people with ADHD. Whether you're looking for tips on how to manage your symptoms or connect with others who share your experience, these websites have something to offer.

The Chadd logo

Chadd was founded in 1987 as a response to the lack of resources and support for ADHD families. They provide evidence-based information on ADHD, found support groups around the country, and advocate on public policy and the de-stigmatization around ADHD.

Additude Magazine

Additude is a media network that has been providing advice and support since 1998. They provide evidence-based, up-to-date information in collaboration with medical and mental health professionals.

Attention Deficit Disorder Association Logo

Attention Deficit Disorder Association is an international non-profit that provides resources and information specifically on adult ADHD. ADDA focuses on providing ADHD adults with support and connection, transition into post-secondary education, and support in the workplace.

Impact Parents

Impact Parents focuses on providing the parents of ADHD kiddos with support and resources. Impact Parents was started by certified coaches who bring the "coach approach" into their resources.

What are some other websites you've found helpful on your ADHD journey? Let us know in the comments below!

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