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18 Activities to Add to Your Dopamenu - Create a list of things that give your ADHD brain dopamine!

But first... what is a "Dopamenu"

Earlier this week, we discussed creating your ADHD menu for low-energy and no-energy days. If you haven't read that yet, find it here. Now, what if the issue isn't energy? What if the issue is a lack of dopamine?

This is where the Dopamenu comes in. This is a handy-dandy list of activities that give your brain the feel-goods we ADHD'ers tend to lack. So fill her out, add things, scratch things off, and tape her to your fridge. Use this list as much as you want! But especially on those days when you are feeling a little frumpy.

Fill out your own Dopamenu here - and leave some ideas in the comment section!


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