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12 Journaling Prompts to Kick Off Your March Mindfulness Practice

Why Should You Journal?

Journaling is an extremely beneficial practice, especially for those of us with ADHD and/or autism. While it is difficult to add new things into our routines, this is one you will see pretty significant benefits from, pretty quickly.

But you don't have to trust my word on that. Here are some of the ways journaling can help you. Don't forget to check out some resources at the bottom of the page!


  • Increases self-awareness - we neurospicy folk tend to need some support in identifying what's going on with us, and journaling can be that support!

  • Clarify thoughts and feelings.

  • Gives time to identify your reactions and gauge if they are appropriate for the situation.

  • Reduces stress.

  • Increases creativity

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Do you have a prompt that you love? Drop it in the comment section to see it in next month's list of prompts!


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