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Homemade Happiness: 21 DIY Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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There has been a nostalgic resurgence of DIY gift-giving over the last few years, and I am absolutely here for it! There is something very hygge about gifting a bread basket or bringing your friend your favorite gingerbread syrup.

Even if you feel like you aren't crafty enough to DIY adorable holiday gifts, our list likely has an idea that would work for you. What are your hobbies? Are you a baker? Amature herbalist? Maybe you like the idea of putting together tea blends. Honestly, as long as you can read directions, DIY gift-giving is for you.

And there are so many benefits!

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Meaningful and made with the recipient in mind

  • Friendly for your wallet

  • Way less overwhelming than shopping in stores

We broke this list down into 5 categories; edibles, home decor, self-care, practical, and holistic care. Use this list as a jumping board to start your DIY journey. The reality is, if you are here you are likely neurodivergent (yay algorithm). Use those creative neurodivergent superpowers to your advantage and have fun!


Candied Pecans

Gingerbread syrup


Amaretto Cherries

Cookie butter

Other edible gift ideas include: dry hot cocoa mix, roasted cashews, homemade drink syrups, and bread baskets. Some of my go-to recipes for bread include: cardamom braids, cranberry orange bread, and garlic rosemary bread

Find those links here:

Home Decor

Farmhouse sign that says christmas tree farm, cut your own

Pressed flower ornaments

Mushroom Christmas ornament

Jar of dried potpourri

Self Care

flaxseed heating pad

orange bath salts

Peppermint foot soak

Seaweed cucumber face mask in a jar


Fire starter kit in a jar

a bag of popcorn with a ticket with a redbox code

A small spray bottle with holiday room spray

A yellow velvet infinity scarf

Holistic Care

Dried elderberries, an orange, and a clump of ginger

A jar of balm

Chest rub bars

Hard lotion bar

Another great option for self-care and holistic care would be tea! Here are a few great blends:

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