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Cycling with the Moon : Your guide to White, Purple, Red, & Pink moon cycles.

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When I first started tracking my cycle and learning about how cycles align with the moon, I didn't feel like any of it really applied to me. I was kind of frustrated to be honest.

All of the books I read on this topic stated that women are "supposed" to menstruate on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon. Often with the side note of "don't worry if you don't - you just need to get more in tune with nature"

It felt condescending.

As if we need any more pressure on what makes a "real woman"

Menstruating people come in all different shapes, sizes, genders, and cycle types.

I think its time that we embrace a different conversation when it comes to cycling with the moon.

How Women are Cycling With the Moon

As a tree-hugging, spiritual menstruator I find benefits to monitoring the moon phases in connection with my own cycle. But where my approach differs - is a nonchalance to where my phases line up with the moon phases. It's simply more information. If my menstrual phase falls closer to the new moon - I look at what that phase means for me. If my menstrual phase finds itself closer to the full moon - great. That doesn't mean I'm doing anything "wrong". Waning - Waxing. There is no right or wrong time to start or end your cycle.

And frankly, I've found that this can change over time. At one point the menstrual phase of my menstrual cycle started on or close to the new moon. Now I line up more with the full moon. And if anything I'm more in tuned to nature now than I ever have been before.

And that's when I stumbled on the idea of the white moon, purple moon, red moon, and pink moon. All names for cycles that align with different moon phases.

White, Purple, Red, & Pink

a floral line figure drawing of a woman nursing a baby

White Moon

  • Bleeds on new moon, ovulates on the full moon

  • considered to be "in balance" with the moons energy

  • Mother phase of life - nurturing and caring

A floral line figure drawing of a wild woman

Purple Moon

  • Bleeds with the waning moon, ovulates with the waxing moon

  • A time for rest - the type of rest you experience after you've done the work

  • Considered to be diving deeper into your inner wisdom

  • The wild woman, the alchemist - deeply spiritual

a floral line drawing of a woman with flowers focused around her head

Red Moon

  • Bleeds on the full moon, ovulates on the new moon

  • viewed as wise women, and healers

  • creative energy is flowing outward

  • associated with creativity, intuition, and abundance.

a floral line drawing of a woman facing away

Pink Moon

  • Bleeds with the waxing moon, ovulates with the waning moon

  • Represents a stage of self-reflection and self-discovery

  • Considered to be moving towards something bigger

  • full of ambition and new energy

  • Time to focus on your growth

What makes this approach to cycle syncing really cool - is that there is respect in all of these descriptions. One is not better than the others.

Benefits of syncing your cycle with the moon

I find that associating my cycle with the moon phase strengthens my connection to the world around me. I am a part of nature and I am not exempt from the cyclical ebbs and flows of her rhythms.

It allows me to find an easy flow and respect for my body and her needs in the same way I respect nature's seasons and her needs.

For me - cycle syncing is honoring your body's daily needs

syncing with the moon is about honoring the phase of life you are in right now

How does this resonate with you? Let us know in the comments

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