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8 Holiday Gifts for Your Neurodivergent Partner - Gifts for every price point!

I was going to break this list down into feminine and masculine. But as I researched, I found that I loved ideas from both categories. Items typically listed under "Gifts for Men" would greatly benefit my life! So I'm ditching the gender-specific gift list. Pick what resonates for you and your relationship.

I am a terrible gift-giver. It is a running joke in my family that the first gift I gave my husband was a salt and pepper shaker set. In my defense, they were really cool salt and pepper shakers, and he did marry me sooo... who looks silly now.

But I have found that finding gifts that show your partner that you really think about their day-to-day lives is the key to a good gift. (Like my husband using salt and pepper every day). Go for gifts that support their neurodiversity and show them that it is ok (and encouraged!) for them to take care of themselves. That it is ok to rest, decompress, and delegate.

As always, I heavily encourage you to shop locally whenever possible! But what is available to me here will not be available to you. Check out Esty, local maker's markets, and even Facebook to see what you can find!

So without further ado (and yes, that is how you spell it, it freaked me out, too), here are 8 gift ideas for your neurodivergent partner!


In colder states, opt for one that can fit somewhere in your home where your partner can relax (if they have a dude/lady cave, this would be a perfect addition!) You can find a swing to fit any budget -I found the last swing for $30 - free shipping!

Why a swing? Swings are shown to help neurodivergent kids and adults self-regulate, cope with sensory overload, and destress. Read more about the benefits here.

Grab this hammock here


Whether its keys, rings, earrings, or wallets, we ADHD folks tend to lose things. Having "catch-all" dishes in different parts of your home can help eliminate that stress. Throw one by the front door for keys, one in the kitchen to hold rings if you are cooking something messy, one in the Livingroom for when you feel like taking off your earrings while you are watching a movie, and don't have the spoons to put them away in their designated home. (Etsy has a beautiful selection of hand-crafted pottery, shop small if you can!)

Find this dish here!

Self-reflection is a huge part of managing ADHD, and journaling can be a fantastic outlet for creativity. Find a journal that represents their personality. This adds that extra sprinkle of thought to an amazing gift. (Bonus points if you find out their favorite pen and get a BUNCH of them!).

Side note: journaling is just as crucial for men as it is for women. Self-reflection, noting how your day went and why is not an inherently feminine thing. And if you NEED to add a touch of manly man to this practice, find a journal with a bear on it or something.)

- A meal plan - this gift is perfect for the partner who has primary responsibilities over domestic duties. If your partner struggles with overwhelm in the kitchen, this could be a huge support.

Find this journal here

Find this weighted Axolotl here

Make sure you pay attention to the weight recommendations, blankets should be 10% of your partners body weight. Stuffed animals will range between 1 and 5 lbs - with adults going towards the 5 lb range. With stuffed animals, the weight is more concentrated than a blanket, so lighter is a little better.

If your partner is crafty and tends to jump from artsy fixation to artsy fixation, a crafting subscription box may be right for them!

Find this subscription box here

Pull the trigger on ADHD Coaching!

If coaching or additional support for ADHD is something your partner has been talking about, pull the trigger on it for them.

Often times we struggle to spend money on ourselves, especially when it comes to managing our struggles. We feel like we should be able to do it ourselves. We don't want to put the financial burden on our families because we can't get our crap together. But change happens best when we are supported by professionals who understand our brains. You can make your partner a gift card for coaching, allowing them to seek out a coach that fits them, while you give the big green light to pay for it. *Nudge nudge, I have affordable subscription packages, making payment super easy!

Read more about ADHD coaching here

No matter which way you decide to go with gift giving, do it with your partner at the forefront of your mind and you are bound to succeed! (or have a funny story to laugh over next Christmas)


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