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Welcome to Beneath The Oak, whole-brain health coaching! We help individuals achieve optimal health and well-being through personalized coaching and support. We utilize holistic approaches and specializations in health and wellness coaching, as well as ADHD coaching, to help individuals overcome barriers, set goals, and lead fulfilling lives.

Our Services:
We offer a range of coaching services to meet your unique needs, including:

Individual Coaching

We provide personalized coaching and support to help you improve your overall well-being,to support a happier, healthier brain! 


Both paid and free events such as book clubs, workshops, webinars, support groups, and retreats!

Articles and Blog Posts

Stay up to date on the lastest research and information about health, wellness, and holistic ADHD management. 


Tools and resources including free digital downloads to help you succeed on your wellness journey.


I can't express how nice it felt to have someone really listen to me (and that I can just speak to with complete honesty). There were moment that she would stop me to have me reflect on something I said and it was so powerful. I'm so excited to continue working with her.

- SP


"The support that Jeri Lyn has provided while I learn how to manage my ADHD is invaluable. I feel like I can actually change my life now." 

- SM


Take Control of Your Life with Whole-Brain Coaching

  • Get unstuck and learn how to use your strengths to create a life you love

  • Learn how to make lifestyle changes to make your brain and body happy

  • Identify your goals and learn how to achieve them

  • Increase your confidence and build meaningful relationships in your life

  • Learn new ways to cope with stressors and avoid burnout

  • Increase your productivity and implement new-long lasting habits

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